December 16, 2023

A Year in Review and a Glimpse into the Future of Our Platform with AI Integration

A Year Retrospective

As the year nears closer to the next, we come to observe the speed at which moving forward means. Current technologies are having unprecedented impact on a project’s potential cycle and operations, and all those seeking to optimize their performance are (like many) overly supplied with options.

We look back at an overall advancement in the AEC industry through the lens of aec+tech’s platform activities, improving ways products and companies are discovered, studied and tested.

Your one-stop-shop for building industry technology
Your one-stop-shop for building industry technology

Tool Categories

On aec+tech, we boast over 50 categories, facilitating easy browsing across different functions. Some of our categories are trendy and highly popular, such as Carbon Management, AI-powered, BIM, Generative DesignConstruction Tech, and Digital Twins. However, our pool of over 400 tools is exceptionally diverse, encompassing various exciting facets within this comprehensive categorization system. Presently, we have 185 companies registered on our platform, diligently updating their profiles weekly and monthly to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

Across the board we notice collaboration and data processing as key factors to improving outcomes to AEC professionals. Making important data accessible in measurements and variables that enhance better decision making, while ensuring it’s real-time access to all stakeholders. For example, Codesign -the first purpose-built tool for the concept design stage of the architectural process- is enabling designers to deliver fast, fluid, and data-driven concepts to all project stakeholders, and a tool like VIM -Short for Virtual Information Modeling- is making BIM data easier to access, analyze, and visualize for every stakeholder over a project’s life cycle.


aec+tech categories
aec+tech categories


To highlight a few, we showcase valuable tools such as the Graebert suite of software, a trailblazer in mobile CAD technologies, including ARES Kudo—an all-encompassing DWG-based CAD platform for the Cloud—and ARES Commander, a robust DWG-based CAD software with 2D and 3D modeling capabilities. Another noteworthy tool is Blueprints AI, designed to automate numerous manual tasks encountered in early planning phases, along with Snaptrude, a novel software suite emphasizing collaboration, interoperability, and efficiency.

Additionally, we categorize tools based on their specialties in various project phases, spanning programming and predesign to design, construction, post-construction, and operations. An excellent illustration is Autodesk Forma, revolutionizing the schematic design phase with AI, while enhancing interoperability with widely used software like Rhino.

AI-powered Search System for Tool Discovery

To improve user experience, we've enhanced our search functionality with an advanced AI-powered search feature. We are using a machine learning algorithm that search engines use to rank documents based on their relevance to a search query. This enables detailed searches based on identified workflows tailored to the specific needs of AEC companies, considering factors such as company size and project type, providing various ways to refine search results.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search

Case Studies Library

On aec+tech, we curate tool case studies to explore how AEC-tech users integrate technologies into real-world projects. This provides valuable insights into workflows and demonstrates the practical benefits of using these products in day-to-day operations. Case Studies can be filtered by the same categories in Advanced Search, keeping your search experience consistent.

Your Personal Dashboard

All our users now get a dashboard where they can save their favorite tools and case studies. They can follow their favorite tools' progress over time with easier access to their pages and content on the platform.

Personal Dashboard to save your favourites
Personal Dashboard for Saving your Favorites

Panels, Mappings and Articles

We thank all the exceptional panelists—AEC-tech experts and industry leaders—for their participation in our series of virtual aec-tech talks. We plan to continue these discussions in the coming year. You can view the recordings of our live LinkedIn sessions on our YouTube channels.

Quick Snippet from Our Recent Event on the Future of Real Estate & AI
Quick Snippet from Our Recent Event on the Future of Real Estate & AI


Our articles have introduced many relevant AEC topics ranging across the full cycle of a building project. We continue to map tools to our mapping schema as used in our recent two articles in Carbon Management and AI-Powered Tools



Latest Articles on aec+tech
Latest Articles on aec+tech


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Final Note

We look forward to the coming year’s journey in the AEC technology landscape and we’re excited to be adding more tools and case studies to the platform, enabling more ways for AEC companies to integrate technology into their workflows and do their best work. We encourage you to join our growing community today by signing up for the platform. Feel free to add a new AEC software/technology or case study, or explore our library of innovative design and construction tools to stay updated on the latest building technology trends! 

Adding your listing to our directory
Adding your listing to aec+tech directory