Cloud-based CAD software for creating and modifying DWG files within Internet browsers
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ARES Kudo: Online CAD for DWG Viewing, Creation and Modification in Your Internet Browser
Online CAD in DWG: ARES Kudo User Working Remotely with Cloud
The ARES Trinity of CAD Software: Create and Modify DWG Files with Modern Collaboration Tools
Online CAD in DWG: Enable Free Viewing and Commenting with View-Only Links
How Online CAD and Mobile CAD Improve Collaboration Around Drawings
Because ARES Kudo runs in a browser, it can be accessed on any computer
Because ARES Kudo runs in a browser, it can be accessed on any computer

Case Studies

The Web-CAD, an integrated CAD core for the FAMOS WebPortal from Keßler, was built on the basis of ARES Kudo in a relatively short development period. This means that a CAD viewer is now available for mobile devices, enabling users to work as they normally do, without having to learn anything new. This makes it easier to integrate CAD data into the database — for example, by comparing different planning stages on the construction site. The Web-CAD is ideal for everyday usage, such as on building sites (construction progress/status documentation) or in facility management procedures (occupation, relocation, inventory, events).

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What is ARES Kudo
ARES Kudo is the cloud's most agile CAD solution for DWG drawings. You just need an Internet browser to access, share, and modify your CAD files — anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Starting at $99 per year
Free Trial
Yes, 7-30 days
Customer Service
Yes, business hours
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Nothing to install; create and modify DWGs in the cloud; sync files across users and devices

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