Two Union Square Repositioning


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This project addresses the rapidly evolving needs of the city’s most innovative commercial tenants and the future of work by repositioning all of the building’s public spaces. Boldly current and reflective of complex fabrication techniques, the spaces are now centered on the human experience and are ready to support the city’s meteoric growth as a high-tech hub. The design elements directly reference motifs found in and around Seattle, from wood ceilings that emulate the motion of wind and waves to a fractal travertine wall inspired by the region’s tectonic activity. They all work in harmony to shape a series of calming spaces for tenants and visitors to work, recharge, and connect. Advanced technologies, such as VR modeling, were at the core of a design process through which the team developed a highly tactile and emotional experience for the spaces. The fractal wall was computationally designed and engineered, and each of the 1,400 stone pieces used in its construction was optimized.
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