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Structure Engineering
Prototyp and its 85 engineers work alongside architects to create the facades for some incredible buildings around the world. BricsCAD gives the people at Prototyp the power to do 2D, 3D, mechanical design and BIM, all in one CAD system that offers flexible licensing terms.
Stageco Netherlands
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Structure Engineering
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11-50 Employees
Stageco Netherlands creates stunning indoor and outdoor stages for some of the world's most famous musicians. They rely on BricsCAD for their 2D and 3D designs. Learn how BricsCAD makes stages for festivals and musicians a reality.

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What is BricsCAD
BricsCAD® Lite offers all the functionality of AutoCAD® LT, and more. The overall user experience is amazingly familiar. Lite offers the power of A.I., via machine learning workflows that let you get more work done, faster, and with more accuracy. And migration is easy too – your menus and other customizations move right over into BricsCAD! BricsCAD® Lite lets you customize your drafting workflows, with the full power of LISP, built-in. The majority of your existing LISP routines will just load and run, 5 to 100x faster, thanks to the modern memory management of our OpenLISP implementation. BricsCAD® Pro is the best choice for 3D work and 3rd party apps BricsCAD® Pro is the right choice for users who want more power and more innovation on their desk (or laptop), and for those that need access to the hundreds of 3rd party application programs, built on our BRX API. BricsCAD® Pro integrates all the advanced parametric solid modeling features previously found in BricsCAD® Platinum, and much, much more! It contains a powerful 3D constraint engine and automatic parameterization. Parametric components and arrays, coupled with our 3D Direct modeling engine, give you the ultimate design freedom. The Pro edition also contains our civil modeling workflow, with automatic TIN surface generation, gradings, corridors, and alignments.
Starting at $350/year
Free Trial
Yes, 7-30 days
Customer Service
Yes, 24/7
Windows Mac
Autocad Sketch-up
2D Drawing, 3D Modeling, DWG, technical publication, floor plans

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