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Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel used Revit for Design Authoring, Navisworks for collaboration and STR Vision for bill of quantities. The renovation of Enel’s headquarters, located on Viale Regina Margherita in Rome, has been designed to increase personal wellbeing through the provision of modern, comfortable workspaces conceived around the concept of more agile organization. The lighting and air conditioning system will ensure the utmost comfort while the distribution of the rooms will alternate working environments with green indoor and outdoor spaces and areas devoted to mental and physical wellbeing. The building will also feature additional employee wellness facilities, with the existing crèche, canteen and auditorium, all complemented by a new gym. The building’s sustainability and comfort will be assessed by external international bodies, with the aim of achieving the LEED and WELL certifications at Gold level. Read more at: https://www.citterio-viel.com/type/offices/enel-headquarters/ Read more about the firm: https://www.aecbytes.com/profile/2020/FirmProfile-ACPV.html
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