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WELLDO is a Platform to asses your building performance-by measuring, monitoring, guiding and enabling clients to implement wellness features for the built environment, by creating Data driven Information and proving ROI for the Investment made.

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Over the past 2 decades, there has been a lot of emphasis on 'Going Green' (LEED / BREEAM) for the benefit of our Planet, whereas the Well-being of the people who live in, has been overlooked. As the focus shifts towards the holistic wellness of People and the Planet, we earnestly wish that Building Owners, managers, and the AEC community shall be equipped with technology to carry forward the momentum WELLDO innovative technology platform which shall help Clients, Architects, consultants, and WELL consultants to take Data-driven informed decisions on Wellness investment. The following are the key benefits of our 'WELLdo' platform: 1) It provides a framework where the client could explore and self-evaluate WELL Certification point-based systems and estimate where her/his existing Built environment stands. 2) It can estimate the investment cost on wellness in the Built environment and can ascertain the returns (ROI) for various scenarios. 3) This application can help the WELL Accredited Professionals to share a detailed estimate on all the certification parameters (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and persuade the client for the desired certification within his/her allotted budget. In brief, this technology platform will act as a passive ambassador in promoting wellness by providing financial clarity to the end-user/client by enabling them to make informed decisions on the wellness investment. Login in to understand more about our platform.

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