The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension

The FIFTH DIMENSION is at the core of your project’s economic health, where all commercial activity is tracked, shared between stackeholders, and stored in order to close the Life Cycle of your projects economy.
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What is The Fifth Dimension
Live analytics Focused on data visualization, so the information is easily understood, while complex analysis are taken care of by the power of a machine processor. Let the machine do the heavy lifting, that is what they are there for. Performance tracking Compare, filter, and reuse data from project to project or analyse different projects in the same portfolio against each other. The power is in your hands. Alerts by email, text, or on the notification panel Set your preferences for notifications, so you can be informed whenever there is a change on the 5D of your project. Anywhere, anytime, it is up to you.
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5D, Cost management, Estimates, Data visualization, Cost tracking, Project management, Risk, Change control, Benchmarking

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