ShapeDiver allows users to view and interact with parametric Rhino and Grasshopper models through any modern web browser.

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Create powerful 3D & AR co-design applications. Go beyond a simple online configurator and create truly powerful co-design applications. Let anyone visualize and configure your products in 3D, no matter the complexity. Improve conversion rates. Automatically generate production files. Eliminate human error. Share Grasshopper files online in a few clicks: ShapeDiver is an online platform that simplifies hosting and sharing Grasshopper files online. Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper are powerful design tools hundreds of thousands of professionals use worldwide. We provide the tools and scalable infrastructure to help you transform your library of Grasshopper files into powerful and shareable web applications. Share the full power of your parametric design files with partners, clients, and other non-technical stakeholders wherever they are while protecting your IP. From Your Desktop To The Cloud In No Time: Uploading and sharing your first Grasshopper files with ShapeDiver takes just a few clicks. Set your models as public or private. Share them directly from our platform, or embed them on your website with an iframe! Want to go further? Use our APIs to connect your Grasshopper files to custom UIs and other external systems such as ERPs, eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, and even factory machines! Boost your eCommerce strategy: Online 3D product configurators are quickly becoming the standard for a high-quality customer experience, especially for high-complexity products. Learn how Grasshopper and ShapeDiver are helping hundreds of businesses worldwide to cost-efficiently create more engaging online shopping experiences for their end users.

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