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Lease Signed - Deal Closed: Vasha, a real estate agent, faced the challenge of leasing a 3,447 SF outdated property in a post-Covid-19 market, where people were downsizing. To overcome this challenge, Vasha utilized qbiq's capabilities to create multiple floor plans for the space and provide realistic 3D virtual tours. “I’ve done it - I finally leased suite 210! Thanks to qbiq, I pulled off a seemingly impossible task. I had taken a dated and oversized space in a competitive market and turned it into a desirable one. It truly felt like magic” - Vasha Carter, SVR Commercial
Why this tool was selected for your process
Presenting an outdated property to potential tenants is hard. Vasha needed to somehow make the property visually appealing and attract interest and demand. Moreover, the current market was saturated with listings, which created a tenant market, making it challenging to differentiate and stand out from competitors.
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Time / Money saved & the Business Impact
Taken a dated and oversized space in a competitive market and turned it into a desirable one within 24 hours.
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Business Impact
Using qbiq’s AI powered platform, Vasha created multiple floor plans and 3D virtual tours of the space. This allowed her to showcase the potential of the property in the best light possible. When an unimaginative prospect toured the space, Vasha was surprised to find that even they were blown away by the realistic tour provided by qbiq. The detailed plan, 3D Tour and fast delivery made the property, and Vasha, stand out. After a few weeks the listing was leased.