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Capacity Increase: Gindi Studio, a renowned architectural design firm headquartered in Tel Aviv, specializes in office space design and has catered to some of the largest corporations in Israel. Over the years, the studio has witnessed a surge in demand for its services. “We have a magic tool called qbiq. Using the platform, we are able to deliver preliminary plans at light-speed, increasing our capacity and allowing us to take on more projects than we could initially manage” Vered Gindi, Founder
Why this tool was selected for your process
The design team was grappling with the challenge of managing a high volume of requests for potential layouts, Test Fits, and space recommendations, while juggling multiple ongoing projects. Typically, the studio provides preliminary planning, evaluation, and recommendations to prospects who subsequently hire them for the project. Therefore, they needed to find a way to cope with demand without investing resources that would affect ongoing projects.
The previous method used
Time / Money saved & the Business Impact
Capacity for preliminary planning has increased by 300%
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Business Impact
To address this issue, the studio integrated qbiq into day-to-day operations. The integration has streamlined the preliminary planning process and freed up time for ongoing projects. As a result, the studio's capacity for preliminary planning has increased by 300%, freeing up much more time for ongoing projects.