Reconstruct Helped OAC Services Save $30,000 on a Single Excavation Project

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OAC Services (OAC) was building a large office campus in Silicon Valley for a top technology company.
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OAC used Reconstruct to harness the data that was already being captured weekly through photogrammetry. OAC used Reconstruct with drones and 360 cameras to monitor progress of the project’s exterior. In addition, Reconstruct performed automated volumetric measurements for earthwork with no additional effort. OAC then utilized the drone and 360 camera imagery to generate point clouds in Reconstruct to precisely measure cubic yards of soil removed, and automatically track excavation progress over time. This included accurate quantification of the work completed and exact location coordinates.
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Monica’s team saved both time and money with their use of Reconstruct: - 11 thousand hours saved on preparing progress reports. - $7 million saved on avoiding rework. - 80% increase in on-time project completion. - $11 million saved on construction spent on schedule overages.
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