ROOMS Co-Work: 13% Annual Revenue Increase

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Project Description
13% Annual Revenue Increase: ROOMS by Fattal, a leading co-working chain, was looking to optimize their property's potential to boost profitability. By utilizing qbiq, they were able to generate several layout options for the floor, providing valuable insights into the space's efficiency and utilization, ultimately maximizing revenue. “Though we had already constructed three floors in the building, qbiq identified 21 extra workstations that could be added from our original construction plans” - Nadav Fattal, CEO
Why this tool was selected for your process
Designing a co-working space is challenging, as it requires careful consideration of factors such as spatial efficiency, layout, and utilization. For ROOMS the main challenge was to identify any areas of the floor that could be utilized for additional workstations while maintaining the co-working space's overall functionality and aesthetics.
The previous method used
Time / Money saved & the Business Impact
- 21 extra workstations - 13% annual growth
Additional Information
qbiq’s AI powered platform enabled ROOMS’ team to generate several co-working layouts, allowing them to analyze the space easily and efficiently within 24 hours.
Business Impact
ROOMS were able to identify 21 extra workstations that could be added from their original construction plans. This optimization represented a 13% annual growth, providing a significant boost to the property's profitability.