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House 00 is a retreat, a sanctuary of the self, and an architectural response to shifting sociality in a post-Covid-19 world. Envisioned as a prototype for living in isolation away from urban density, House 00 is an attempt at rebooting the basic conditions of domesticity, serenity, and intimacy. Sitting at the highest point in the United Arab Emirates, on the soaring peaks of Jebel Jais northeast of Ras-Al Khaimah, House 00 boasts the critical balance of being simultaneously in nature yet out of reach. Quality of air, breath-taking views and exceptional Dunite rock landscapes make for a perfect location for a unique house. On the inside, the 2000 SQM contemporary design borrows from traditional elements of local residential architecture, featuring all the amenities for a comfortable and healthy life, as well as the social and cultural necessities of the Emirati family. On the outside, the sculptural limestone and glass façade blends seamlessly into the surroundings, looking pristine yet man-made; monolithic yet architectonic at the same time. The house is organized into two parts embracing an inner courtyard. Spaces are split between east and west wings based on their respective uses and expected visitors. As the pandemic malaise drags across the big city, House 00 offers more than life in solitude. It sets forth a unique restart for sharpening both the soul and the senses.
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