Avison-Young: Winning a Major Client in 24 hours

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Winning a Major Client in 24 hours: Guy Amosi, CEO of Avison-Young Israel, was in a tight spot. Competing against other brokerages to win a large transportation company as a client, he needed a standout strategy. The challenge escalated when the client was unimpressed with their initial space offering...
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“qbiq is a game-changer. We showcased not just a space, but the company’s future in it - all in 24 hours. qbiq has become more than a one-off triumph; it's our ‘secret’ deal-closer for multiple opportunities.” Guy Amosi, CEO of Avison-Young Israel
Business Impact
The client was blown away by how Guy managed to bring the space to life, tailoring it to their exact needs. This innovative approach not only showcased the space’s potential but also highlighted Avison-Young's commitment to client-centric solutions.