Architecture firm Lake | Flato’s adaptive reuse project embodies sustainability​


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When Lake-Flato had an opportunity to rethink its corporate headquarters in 2020, the Texas-based firm embodied its own sustainable values: Instead of building a new office, it repurposed its old one.​ The execution of this adaptive reuse project required powerful digital tools. The firm not only utilized these tools for 3D modeling and optimizing the design, but also leveraged them to prove and validate its positive design outcomes through third-party certifications. Along with prioritizing a material reuse strategy, Lake | Flato had to also think about the living conditions inside the building. ​ The firm leveraged Autodesk Forma and Revit, in tandem with advanced technologies such as AR and VR, to address these needs and transform the 100-year-old former office into a future-focused hybrid workplace that showcases environmental sustainability and creative, collaborative design.​ Read the full story here:! ​
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