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TELEMATICS Our solutions go beyond vehicle tracking. Our powerful hardware connects data from every vertical of the jobsite and operations, allowing you to manage your assets, people and materials from one easy-to-use platform. Plus, our solutions work on all makes and models of equipment as well as integrate with existing APIs. DASHBOARDS & REPORTS Replace spreadsheets, carbon papers and reams of reports with a digital solution that allows you to create and download customized reports on your computer any time, or schedule them to be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. FLEET & JOBSITE ALERTS Get real-time updates on everything from machine location and performance to operator behavior without stepping foot on a single jobsite. Imagine receiving a mobile alert that your machine’s fuel level dips too low, its coolant temperature spikes too high or when your assets depart from each construction project. TIE LABOR TIME TO TASKS We help construction companies streamline and simplify their people management processes to improve team’s productivity and safety — and decrease administrative headaches while ensuring accurate job costing.' INCREASE SAFETY & SECURITY With our technology, you don’t just gain insight into your accidents, injuries and stolen equipment — you also unlock tools that help you prevent problems. When an accident or injury occurs, you get the full picture of the events leading up to the incident. Plus, you have access to tools that help you track down stolen assets and address jobsite dangers before they cause damage. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE From using data science to prevent future breakdowns, service alerts to notify operators of an issue, and GPS to easily track down machines needing maintenance, our powerful technology is constantly monitoring your equipment to keep you up and running.

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