aurivus AI understands laser scans from buildings, facility and plants. The Scan-to-BIM AI finds objects in 3D point clouds and provides a CAD-like interaction with direct information export. Reduce modeling effort or export information without modeling.

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Easier. Faster. Cheaper. 1 Click With Our AI. 500 Clicks for an Engineer. Since one “click” in a large point cloud can take seconds, this dramatically simplifies a modeler’s job. Pipes Our aurivus AI can easily detect pipes & their fittings. Allowing the point cloud user to view as a single object (With our Speed Drawing Mode you can save up to 50% of your time modeling pipes). Trusses Our aurivus AI can easily cross section and focus on Trusses you need to model. Saving you lots of time with 1 click. Stairways Our aurivus AI can detect any & all stairways in your point cloud. Furniture No need for cleaning up your point cloud anymore! The aurivus AI detects furniture and other distracting objects in the point cloud, which then simply can be hidden with one click. Window & Doors (Window & Door Placer) The aurivus AI easily detects Walls, so you can confirm the object with 1 click. Helping you save time, reducing errors & increase quality. Walls (Wall Placer Tool) The aurivus AI easily detects Walls, so you can confirm the object with 1 click. Helping you save time, reducing errors & increase quality. Floors (Automatic Level Placer) The aurivus AI detects the floors within the point cloud, and the Level Placer tool will automatically set the levels. 2D Modelling With 1 click you can see 2D view of your building Roofs The aurivus AI will detect a roof within your point cloud, allowing you to hide the roof from the 360 view. Speed Drawing The aurivus Speed Drawing Mode automatically adjusts the views in every of the four perspectives to let you focus on modelling e.g. pipes or beams, instead of losing time finding the right view to continue work with.

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