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Skender is drawing up plans to manufacture and build the modular units for a 10-story, 144-unit multifamily building in Uptown Chicago and a 7-story, 122-unit multifamily building in West Loop. “We know we’ll get this done 40 percent faster than anyone else and at a higher standard,” said Skender Chief Design Officer Tim Swanson. Stacy Scopano, Skenders new Chief Technology Officer – “I haven’t seen a lot of virtual reality experiences that didn’t include some awkward disconnect between “presenter” and “audience.” The Magic Leap device eliminates isolating a team member’s in their own virtual environments and allows for a much more natural augmented collaboration, which is the original intent of mixing realities in Real Estate & AEC.” VIM will be collaborating with Skender on real-time augmented experiences for the modular units. VIM's Augmented Reality application powered by Magic Leap will augment the physical space to help people experience what the finished product will represent when completed.
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