How Readie Construction Limited are saving over £15,000 every week

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Following a successful trial on the Purfleet Commercial Park project in November 2020, Readie Construction Limited (RCL) rolled out the innDex systems across their whole entire business in February 2021. RCL specialises in commercial, industrial, and retail projects, turning over nearly £400m a year with impressive growth year on year.
Why this tool was selected for your process
“At Readie Construction we have been looking for a platform to help us manage and streamline many of our HSEQ requirements. Following a successful trial we believe that innDex are a company that matches our desire to be an innovative and progressive organisation. Their platform provides us with the opportunity to better manage our HSEQ data and our performance whilst reducing our administrative burden. We at Readie are excited to partner with innDex across all our projects and work together to further develop a tool that meets our organisational needs.” Paul Campbell, HSE Manager at Readie Construction Ltd
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Time / Money saved & the Business Impact
The Readie team are able to save over 100 hours a week, with digital inductions alone. When taking into account subcontractors’ time and the other tools RCL utilise, this number increases 10-fold, exceeding a weekly saving of £15,000. This is just the start, as innDex progresses to work alongside Readie, building out more valuable tools, improvements in processes and savings are likely to continue increasing.
Additional Information
The asset management tool we developed with another of our construction partners is also proving valuable. A large percentage of sites are now using the tool to track all plants on site and ensure daily and weekly checks are being undertaken. RCL have just recently started using our carbon tracking tools. They are planning to implement them fully in the near future whilst working alongside innDex to develop new tools to control and offset their operational carbon footprint, as part of our CR-OS scheme and our industry’s mission to become carbon neutral by 2050.
Business Impact
In collaboration with the company, the innDex team developed a new tool for site inspections, that has already contributed to HSEQ improvements of upwards of 20% (10% safety and 10% quality): having data readily available, and easily accessible from the app enables the team to make real-time decisions bettering site safety across the business.