Savings and Streamlining, Siemens Show Significant Results


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Siemens Mobility Limited has been awarded contracts to deliver new signalling infrastructure work within Wales, Devon and Cornwall by Transport for Wales and Network Rail respectively. This will cover the renewal and replacement of all lineside signalling equipment, with the control of the signalling being transferred to integrated control centres that will ensure the safe running of trains, improve infrastructure reliability and boost operational flexibility of the railway.
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To help with some upcoming works, Siemens Mobility initially reached out to innDex as an SME local to Wales to implement a digital solution to improve their site access control and to have 24/7 availability without the need for an operative employed to occupy a desk.
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"innDex enables collaborative working – anything can be done. The platform is improving constantly and is affordable. We’re really happy with the system and our people on site are happy too. Although they usually don’t appreciate change, they see the value innDex brings in streamlining processes and speeding up their time to clock in and out of site, allowing them to start working sooner, get the job done quicker and go home earlier." Trevor Senior, EHS Specialist at Siemens Rail

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