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Circle Development approached innDex 8 months ago as they found themselves spending hours each week; copying and pasting, editing spreadsheets, formatting reports and ultimately understood there was a huge opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their companies processes. SOLUTION: Circle are a project delivery consultant who carry out duties for their clients such as; project management, quantity surveying, employers agent and Clerk of Works. With Circle’s business and client base growing rapidly, keeping track and maintaining good records is important. Circle and innDex have been working together expanding on the innDex platform, bringing together Circle’s processes and increasing the company’s efficiency through the automation of repetitive tasks and providing valuable tools to improve other areas of their business. One of the success stories has been the Clerk of Works tool that innDex has developed alongside Circle, fitting in with their exact requirements and saving Circle 5 working hours per project per week.
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By adopting the Clerk of Works and progress reporting tools, the Circle team have reported savings of 5 and 2 hours respectively per project per week, resulting in £4200 saved monthly across the business.
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