Generate optimal building designs in real time. ARCHITEChTURES is an AI-Powered building design web tool for the residential sector to help you improve decision making and reduce design time from months to minutes.

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Base Plan: $From 50€/month + Token-based-download Annually
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Yes, 7-30 days
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Revit Autocad
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ARCHITEChTURES is an AI-assisted floor planner, i.e. an AI-assisted architectural design program. "Floor Planner" means that it is a tool for drawing floor plans of buildings (in our case multifamily residential). "AI-assisted" means that we don’t have to do all the work ourselves, instead the AI helps us by doing the biggest part of the work. But ARCHITEChTURES is more than that: it is an AI-assisted "building design platform". Assisted Design: During the design process the AI assists us by generating by itself large parts of the project layout. It does this by following the instructions given by the user in an iterative process that refines the project. Automation of Repetitive Processes: A big chunk of the work in architecture are repetitive processes such as modeling, measuring take offs, calculations and counting stuff. Automating them not only streamlines the process of generating metrics but also allows us to make informed decisions leading to better designs.

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