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The Cadalyst piece delves deep into the nuances of conceptual design automation, underscoring how forward-thinking architecture firms like TVS are collaborating with software developers to integrate automation into the conceptual design phase. This integration not only reduces the hours spent on mundane and repetitive tasks, but also empowers designers to channel their energy into more creative “high impact” moments. Adoption of software like Skema presents a win for both firms and clients, allowing for more rapid prototyping of different layouts and configurations, and faster iterations in a project’s early stages. A standout mention in the article is TVS’s collaboration with Skema, an innovative software developed by Atlanta-based Blue Ocean Sustainability. Skema isn’t just another design tool; it’s transformative. By harnessing data from past projects, Skema offers a dynamic platform to accelerate the conceptual design phase, and is on the cusp of some major updates (we’d share them, but we’re sworn to secrecy!). With industry veteran and Revit pioneer Marty Rozmanith as CTO, Skema is set to redefine how architects and interior designers approach design, doing so in a way that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows. By providing a conceptual design environment coupled with a BIM automation engine, Skema enables the generation of editable BIM data that can be easily used downstream in the design process – in other words, it fits into the way we already work. Learn more:
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While the timeless art of paper sketches remains an invaluable foundation in the conceptual design process, tools like Skema are introducing a new dimension to this traditional process. With Skema, electronic sketching offers a highly dynamic, responsive design process. with capabilities that aren’t just limited to design. From the start, Skema includes features like cove.tool that facilitate environmental and sustainability analyses, such as evaluating daylight and sunlight exposure on building facades. Such integrative features underscore the holistic approach the next generation of design tools are bringing to the industry.
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As we journey further into this exciting era of AI and automation in design, we’ll keep you in the loop. There’s a wealth of content in the pipeline, chronicling our adventures with the next generation of design tools. Not to mention, we’ll soon be sharing the results of our recent Skema design charette at the new TVS Atlanta office. The event was an eye opening exercise for the team that participated, and even managed to catch the attention of a handful of designers that stopped by to check out what was going on.
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