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Buehler Engineering is a renowned structural engineering firm based on the West coast. Buehler delivers thoughtfully considered solutions across a spectrum of services.
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Challenges Faced Buehler was looking for ways to innovate and be on the leading edge of engineering practice. As they added more offices and markets, they wanted to expand their detail database and have a way for the new offices to quickly and easily navigate the detail library. Kevin faced challenges in: 1- Finding specific details efficiently 2- Real-time comparison of information in similar details 3- Seachability of the detail database 4- Ensuring the solution fits current workflow
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The Solution Pirros provided Buehler with an intuitive, searchable, and integrated detail management platform that made it easy to find and manage Revit details.
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The Results Pirros empowered Buehler employees to stay organized and efficient, especially for new employees as they get integrated into the company. Pirros took Buehler's well organized system of detail management and brought it to the next level with a searchable, easy to navigate graphical interface. ‍Advice for Others: “If you don't have a system to organize your details, Pirros can help fix that problem. As a company grows and expands, it's crucial to have standard details. Pirros aids in establishing that standardization. Pirros simplifies the complexities we face in managing details. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer for our practice.” - Kevin Cissna, SE, Associate Principal at Buehler Link to the original case study:
Business Impact
The objectives achieved by adopting Pirros were as follows:  For Kevin: Streamlined Workflow: Around 25-50% of Kevin's job is leading internal design & practice standards, and Pirros greatly aided in this responsibility. For the Team: Ease of Finding Details: Tags and search bars help in locating the right details instantly. Ease of Comparing Details: The graphical interface made it easy to see details side-by-side instead of viewing them one at a time. Seamless Experience: The entire journey, from consideration to implementation, was smooth and well-communicated.