New York project utilises ‘revolutionary’ AI technology

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Eyal Ofer’s new Columbus Circle Building at 1841 Broadway has become first project in New York City, US, to use the AI construction platform Buildots. After site data is captured via helmet-mounted 360-degree cameras and is automatically analysed using proprietary AI algorithms, Buildots provides the project management team with true-to-life progress reports supported by visuals. This is said to lead to improved efficiency in terms of costs, labour and time. The 26-story, 298-ft.-tall building will include nearly 197,000 sq. ft. of residential space encompassing 123 housing units, as well as over 20,000 sq. ft. of commercial retail space. Its developer is Global Holdings Management Group.
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“Global Holdings has a strong pipeline of projects, and we see the huge impact that Buildots has on efficiency and transparency in construction, which are critical factors that help us to maximize usage of our resources, minimize costs and speed up construction in a responsible way,” said J.J. Ofer, CEO of Global Holdings Management Group (US). “The Buildots technology platform is used to fundamentally enhance our project management capabilities and we are excited to be working with the company and bringing this revolutionary technology to New York.” The technology is currently being used on sites across North America, the UK, Europe and the Middle East by leading global construction firms including Sir Robert McAlpine, Lendlease, Build Group and EllisDon.
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