Panel Manufacturer OIS Leverages Offsight to Deliver Large Scale Projects in America's Fastest Growing Cities

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OIS is Scaling Rapidly to Target New Commercial and Residential Projects in the Growing Southwest Offsite Integrated Structures (OIS) is at the forefront of leveraging light gauge steel panels on major commercial and residential construction projects. Their products can rapidly reduce project schedules through the efficiency of design-build and offsite manufacturing in their state-of-the-art factories. Therefore, it’s no surprise that with surging demand in OIS’s target market, Southwestern United States, they have expanded production to western markets. Both their Denver, CO factory and Phoenix, AZ factory will cater to major commercial and residential projects in Denver, Austin, and Phoenix with expansion plans for California. As the population in OIS’s target market is rapidly growing, there is a increasing need for new construction and a pressure to complete these projects quickly. As OIS scales their production to keep up with demand, they have enlisted the help of Offsight to manage their process across multiple factories and to aid in managing the complexities and stick quality standard for their major commercial and residential projects. Read more at:
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OIS uses Offsight to Manage the Complexities of Commercial projects across Multiple Factories Using Offsight, OIS can oversee the manufacturing and assembly of hundreds of panels across multiple factories and multiple projects in the Southwestern US. Offsight’s Live Dashboard enables factory managers, project managers, and other project stakeholders to have a real-time update on production progress. OIS can load their production schedule to track assembly, pinpoint production delays and be notified if orders are running behind their target delivery dates, which is essential for meeting the tight delivery schedules on major commercial and residential projects.
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Leveraging Offsight’s Built-in Task Management Feature Prevents Costly Onsite Non-Conformance Errors Offsight enables OIS to establish tailored quality and conformance workflows for each panel they assemble. These workflows allow inspectors and factory workers to immediately identify and flag assembly problems or non-conformance errors in real-time, and automatically generate alerts. These alerts can be tracked, managed and resolved in Offsight’s Alert’sDashboard. Offsight’s integrated task management functionality also allows OIS to monitor these identified issues from the factory floor, through the process of rework and repair, and to final resolution. With Offsight, OIS can ensure that any issues discovered during factory production are resolved before shipment. Offsight allows alerts to be assigned and their progress to be tracked, which enables OIS to prevent costly non-conformance errors from reaching the job site, where they would be magnitudes more expensive to fix. This helps keep major commercial or residential projects on schedule, and allows owners to fully realize the benefit of taking assembly and construction offsite.
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Furthermore, Offsight’s Reporting & Auditing functionality can be accessed across these linked factory accounts to provide project stakeholders with automated consistent daily reports and progress updates.
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How Offsight Sets OIS Up for Long-Term Success As OIS scales their factory operations to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for new commercial and residential construction in the Southwest, Offsight can easily be adapted and expanded to handle the complexities of their process. Multiple factory accounts can be linked through Offsight’s Linked Account functionality across various locations. This feature allows executives and managers to easily monitor daily production across their factories for its multiple commercial and residential projects and potentially fill capacity when production lines are available.

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