F.Domes Increased Qualified Leads by 30% with a 3D Configurator

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F.Domes’ tents are complex products with multiple configurable features. Potential customers have difficulties understanding the different accessories and characteristics simply by scrolling through different images on F.Domes website. They wanted to find a way to educate their potential customers on how the product works and on its specific characteristics to improve the quality of leads. F.Domes wanted to increase the number of monthly leads, reduce the time spent on inquiries and shorten the sales cycle The Sales team had to answer potential leads’ numerous basic questions about the product. They also had to quote each lead separately. F.Domes wanted to reduce the time spent on answering basic questions, explaining the different possible combinations and quoting each lead separately. The solution: a 3D configurator: Klaas Nienhuis together with Frodo Schering (design and main contractor) and Innouveau (web development) built a 3D configurator for F.Domes using Sketchfab API. Read more: https://sketchfab.com/blogs/enterprise/3d-configurators/manufacturing-fdomes
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