Despite Labor Shortage, CEC Continues to Expand Footprint and Meet Tight Deadlines through AI and Technology

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Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. stays a step ahead of modern-day obstacles despite labor shortage, by embracing our technological solutions! Some of the benefits that AirWorks’ software offers CEC are: - Tight turnarounds through parallel workflows - An economical cost per acre - Efficiency that complements safety
Why this tool was selected for your process
The line work quality and processing time met and exceeded CEC’s expectations. To Sinclair, it was clear that AirWorks’ feature extraction software would complement CEC’s in-house UAV program and could be key to advancing the company’s survey and geospatial branch.
The previous method used
They planned to involve staff from eight offices. Yet, even by replacing manual surveying with UAV data collection, the hours of tracing dense, urban features plus the time required for the standard title work and other tasks meant the project would still be a tall order for such a short deadline.
Time / Money saved & the Business Impact
For CEC, AirWorks has proved to be a cost-effective option for creating planimetric linework from in-house UAV aerial imagery. In Sinclair’s experience, using AirWorks for feature extraction breaks down to an average of $17-$23 per acre. Comparatively, having numerous open positions means CEC might have to rely on a licensed surveyor with a billable rate of $100+ per hour to complete manual feature extraction at a rate of 1-2 acres per hour. “Survey staff is so difficult to find. Why do you want to bog them down with tracing parking stalls? If you’re under the gun trying to push out a deliverable and you spent 95% of your time drafting what we could have used AirWorks to draft, it gives you less time to focus on the things that are critical, like the dimensions, spot elevations, finished floor elevations, and inverts of manholes.”
Additional Information
Currently, Groesser and Sinclair are internally promoting AirWorks for ALTA surveys and other large-scale projects with numerous features and tight turnarounds. Moving forward, Groesser sees a lot of potential for using AirWorks to streamline preliminary design workflows, and Sinclair is intrigued by AirWorks’ new à la carte option for customizable layer extraction.
Business Impact
Bringing in AirWorks allowed CEC to meet an almost unthinkable deadline and then secured additional work as a result of their outstanding performance. Additionally, CEC is enjoying a host of benefits from AirWorks’ AI feature extraction software beyond just completing quality deliverables on time.