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One of the major benefits of the platform is the ability for team members to view their project data virtually, without needing to do a site visit. Being able to look around their build, take measurements and gain a true understanding of what’s there has provided significant time and cost savings for the business. “Cintoo Cloud has become a key part of our Reality Capture workflows. I’m able to share project data with both internal and external team members and people are interacting with the data all the time. It’s really easy to add someone in and it only takes about 10 minutes to show them how to use it and they’re off,” says Michael Alder, Regional Reality Capture Leader. “One of the biggest benefits is that it enables us to get our clients more involved in the process. By giving them access to this information, they can walk through the building and immediately understand the scope of the project and what’s being done. This transparency and collaboration increase the value of what we’re doing across all disciplines.” Read more at:
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