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Problem: Collecting and classifying the data from the different subcontractors was one of the challenges for Hazenberg Bouw. Importing and converting files in different formats was even a bigger one: bringing .IFC files to Navisworks or Solibri resulted in loss of data and details. Merging different Revit models (creating federated models) and model coordination (making sure all project participants have the latest version) was another issue they wanted to address. A coherent, integrated workflow with their already existing Common Data Envronment was high priority as well to improve communication during the design and pre-construction stage. Another issue mentioned by Hazenberg Bouw was synchronizing files from Autodesk BIM 360 to Navisworks and Solibri - every time a new update was available, the files had to be manually synced. Solution: Verifi3D by Xinaps was the perfect choice for Hazenberg Bouw’s needs as it optimizes and automates model checking. Offered as a cloud-based SaaS, Verifi3D allows classifying building design data, conducting automated checks in compliance with regulations and reporting issues real-time, all in one platform.
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