DigiBuild automates the process of finding, ordering, tracking, and managing materials

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DigiBuild is the trusted supply chain and material management software in construction. We use AI to help contractors and real estate developers save money, reduce risk, and improve project outcomes. Here are some ways we can provide value in the project lifecycle: 1)Self Perform/Procure- The software does most of it for you. We help get the best material prices and keep the job on schedule. 2)Design/PreCon- We provide material price points and availability to choose ideal specs and schedule during development stages. 3)Construction Management- We have robust, customizable, easy to use workflows to manage subcontractors, suppliers, and the schedule. 4)Project Snapshots- Any time during the job, send us your material specs and quantities, we'll send back the typical pricing, lead times, VE options, specs, and any schedule clashes. Backed by top investors: YCombinator, Cathexis Ventures, Picus Capital, Valhalla Ventures, Bluefield Capital, the cofounders of Plangrid and more. Find, Order, Manage, Track, and capture Data on your materials with DigiBuild. Customers can expect: reduced labor burden managing materials, big savings with better material pricing, improved project schedules, and helpful data insights. On average construction projects are 80% over budget and 20 months behind schedule. The number one reason is supply chain and material management issues. Since 2020, material prices are 20% more expensive and lead times 50% longer. Material management and procurement is a business risk that cannot be ignored. DigiBuild automates the painstaking process of finding, ordering, tracking, and managing materials. Our frictionless service that incorporates artificial intelligence helps contractors reduce labor hours, save money on material, reduce schedule delays, and captures important data.

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