Wooden Airship Gulliver Above DOX Centre in Prague, Czech Republic

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At the beginning of December 2016, a giant wooden airship “suspended” above the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic, has been opened to the public.The unique airship structure made of timber and steel has been named “Gulliver” and, just like the early zeppelins, it represents the eternal human desire to fly and a certain utopian ideal. Gulliver will serve as a space for literature events related to the themes of DOX’s exhibitions. These exhibitions are characterized by critical reflection on the situation of our contemporary world. Learn more about the project at: https://www.dlubal.com/en/downloads-and-information/references/customer-projects/001086 Structural Engineering Ing. Zbyněk Šrůtek (timber, steel, membrane) Česká Skalice, Czech Republic www.timberdesign.cz Ing. Pavel Kocourek (steel) Ing. Jana Divíšková (foundation) Prague, Czech Republic
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