North Field Medical Office Building


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BEING IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 60 YEARS, BERICH MASONRY IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO WORK SMARTER AND MORE PROFITABLY. The Berich team added a few of CR’s MULE lift-assist solutions in 2020. They are now optimizing their processes and their teams to fully leverage the benefits of using MULEs in projects such as stair towers and elevator shafts.
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Denver, Colorado
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Berich learned some very valuable lessons in the past couple of years using MULEs. Although a job may be specified with the traditional 8”x8”x16” CMUs, architects do see the value of using the more efficient 8”x8”x32” CMUs. This job resulted in some design changes that allowed use of 8”x8”x32” CMUs for 60% of the structures, leveraging lift-assist technology to keep workers feeling strong and productive all day and for the duration of the job.
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