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The Rail Implementers forum was established to allow railway stakeholders and software vendors to work together to test the implementation of the IFC 4.3 standard. The forum was part of the international project of BuildingSMART International to extend the IFC standard to the railway sector, the IFC Rail project, and the objective of the Forum was to test and validate the IFC 4.3 standard. In this context, railway stakeholders, software vendors and IFC technical experts worked together to test the standard through some real life use cases. For each use case, the stakeholders supported by the experts defined information requirements (specification) for the BIM models and the software vendors produced the models according to those requierements. regola was used both to create the model specification by selecting rules that described the expected content and behavior of the BIM models, and to validate the models against the specification. The result was the production of high quality BIM models and the thorough testing of the IFC 4.3 standard.
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