How Catsurveys reduced costs, scaled & captured better surveying data with Mosaic 51

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DNS (Digital Network Survey) by Catsurveys Ltd can quickly collect asset data across extensive geographical areas. With their Mosaic 51 camera system, they capture highly accurate digital data sets, providing essential site insights throughout project lifecycles. With this enriched data and the expertise of surveyors, the team achieves remarkable project enhancements: ✔ Connecting up to 16% more homes ✔ Reducing connections by up to 25% using PIA underground ✔ Shortening new self-dig lengths by up to 71% ✔ Decreasing self-dig costs by up to 66% ✔ Increasing connected properties by up to 500% using PIA overhead Find more details:
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The Mosaic 51 comes with built-in processors, including a CPU and GPU, meaning all computing is done onboard without the need for an additional workstation or computer within the vehicle. Thanks to this and the light weight, the Mosaic 51 is rugged, robust, and operable by one person: installation, driving and collecting.
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"We’ve scaled a long way without increasing our site resources because 70% of work is done by the office resources we have (compared to traditional surveying methods)" "We were able to move the price point of individuals down somewhere in the region of 40%, being able to work like this……quite an attractive proposition….." "That’s enabled us to stay competitive. With our client, it hasn’t cost us more, and they’re not paying any more. They have a much better outcome, and more importantly the pace. We can cover somewhere in the region of 3,500 homes in a day. Contrasted with one surveyor, capturing images, can cover about 200 homes per day." Dan Davis, Head of Delivery at Catsurveys