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Urban Machine's woodshop intern skillfully designed and built a Murphy-bed-like desk in Kelly's house, benefiting one of ABC's previously unhoused program participants. ABC, which began with 20 unemployed artists in Oakland during the pandemic, redirected its focus to constructing emergency housing for the homeless. Amidst business closures and evictions, they aimed to create security in 12 tiny houses. By Spring 2022, ABC achieved this goal and has since expanded, embarking on Tiny Home 15 in February 2023. Now with a team of 200 volunteers – artists, carpenters, activists, and advocates – ABC's mission endures. Urban Machine is proud to have delivered a reclaimed wooden desk to help make the next tiny home a comfortable place to work and call home. Learn more about ABC's mission and volunteer opportunities by visiting their website:
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Urban Machine used its robot to remove metal fasteners from the wood waste to give this lumber a second life. Our intern designed and built the Murphy-style desk to be used in ABC's tiny home.
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