April 2, 2024

Drawings Automation for BIM Projects with ARES Commander

Niknaz Aftahi, CEO of aec+tech, is going to be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Graebert neXt event, where she will discuss the innovative features and applications of ARES Commander, offering attendees valuable insights into how these tools can enhance their workflows in the AEC industry.

In a recent article "Drawings Automation for BIM Projects: Product Review of ARES Commander" published by AEC Magazine, Niknaz Aftahi, Founder and CEO of aec+tech, offers a review of ARES Commander's features for automating the creation of DWG-format CAD documents from Revit and IFC projects, including the latest improvements in version 2025, providing valuable insights for professionals in the industry. Aftahi highlights the growing importance of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the AEC industry and the challenges faced by those who lack BIM literacy, often resorting to traditional CAD solutions. She emphasizes the inefficiency and redundancy inherent in duplicating project information from BIM to DWG formats and how ARES Commander aims to address this issue.
Fig.3) BIM projects in a CAD environment with ARES Commander
Fig.1) BIM projects in a CAD environment with ARES Commander

Key takeaways from the review include ARES Commander's seamless integration of BIM and CAD, streamlined workflow for BIM-to-CAD conversion, detailed handling of BIM data, automated drawing creation, dynamic drawing updates, cloud collaboration, and AI assistance. Aftahi introduces ARES Commander as part of the ARES Trinity of CAD Software, designed by German software developer Gräbert GmbH to cater to the evolving needs of the AEC industry.

Fig.2) Automate DWG creation from BIM projects

The article walks through the BIM-to-CAD workflow using Snaptrude, a collaborative BIM solution, and demonstrates how ARES Commander imports and processes BIM projects saved in RVT or IFC formats. Aftahi discusses the extraction of relevant BIM data, automated drawing creation using the BIMAUTOALL function, and the software's ability to refresh and update drawings with changes in source BIM files.

Furthermore, Aftahi highlights the new features introduced in ARES Commander 2025, such as 3D visual styles, detail views, wall junction improvements, BIM labels adjustments, dimension chains enhancements, split BIM drawings, multiview blocks, and cloud-enabled collaboration. She also discusses the role of ARES AI Assist in providing real-time assistance and guidance to users.

Fig.3) ARES AI Assist (A3) provides real-time assistance on features.
Fig.3) ARES AI Assist (A3) provides real-time assistance on features

In conclusion, Aftahi commends Gräbert GmbH for developing a CAD product that not only creates drawings but also addresses critical pain points in BIM-CAD interaction, and has potential to revolutionize the AECTech space.

Join Niknaz Aftahi's keynote at the free online Graebert neXt event on April 18th (or watch the replay afterward) to learn more about the powerful ARES Commander software, and see how all the latest features can improve your workflow!