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## The Construction Analytics Platform Deliver more accurate bids, track your progress, and improve digital delivery by leveraging all of your past project data. Integrate Procore, Autodesk, spreadsheets and ERP systems. Analytics-driven estimation and progress tracking. Leverage historical data for data apps. ## 20+ Data Connectors Connect databases, SaaS services, CAD/BIM models, JSON, and CSVs files in one place for easy analysis. Automatic data inferencing and normalization. Source data versioning. Custom connectors. ##100+ Data Transformations Work at the speed of thought using Toric dataflows. Create complete data-pipelines using Toric's visual editor. Powerful transformations and queries without code. Realtime dataflows editing and exploration. Visual debugging of data transformations. ## Easy Data Apps for All Build & share dashboards, reports, data-capture forms, and more. Blend visualizations, data and reports. Custom data-app layouts, dashboards and reports. Interactive controls, drill through and highlighting. Accessible from any device & iOS App. ## Automate and Reuse Repeatability is at the core of Toric's data engine. Your data flows can react to data changes and keep things going. Time based automations. Re-run dataflows on data changes. Components for easy sharing of logic blocks.

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