Cleaning up the drywall finishing process

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To increase project success, DPR embraces construction innovations that come from outside the organization. A recent example of this is known as Canvas. Canvas is a worker-controlled robotic machine that helps increase safety, save time, decrease costs and increase overall quality. Canvas automates the mudding and sanding portions of the drywall finishing process, which, according to Canvas, captures 99.9% of the dust produced by sanding, improving air quality—and reducing worker exposure to silica—and minimizing cleanup. It also helps make the work safer by both cutting out the heavy lifting of machine sanding, stress injuries from repetitive motion and by reducing the chance of falls by allowing workers to take on elevated work from ground level. “DPR has been working with us for several years to refine our drywall finishing machine and make it more useful for self-perform drywall crews. As an early adopter, DPR has embraced the technology for its ability to improve safety and quality metrics, with an eye toward increased productivity,” said Canvas’ Jill Lonergan. “We invest heavily in our thousands of craft workers. We’re excited to partner with Canvas to create a safer work environment for our tradespeople while providing them with a valuable new technology skill,” said DPR’s Jack Poindexter. A team of DPR craft team members recently completed training and certification on the Canvas system, which they are set to deploy on an upcoming project. One of these craftsmen, Cande Talavera, shared his experience with the process: “I was excited to try the Canvas machine and put my hands on it. It was easy to learn and will limit the hard work tapers have to do.” Source:
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