An AI co-pilot for construction projects. Sync your project documents with to instantly find information, answer questions and extract data from construction reports.

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Upload construction documents into to activate all the features. Ask questions about your project and instantly pull out information. Extract data from entire PDF geotech reports automatically. --Extract geological description, thicknesses, water level, ground level, test data, coordinates straight from PDFs. --Download extracted data as AGS & Excel. --Access BGS boreholes as AGS and Excel. Build initial 3D site models. Go from raw data to editable 3D models in seconds. --Generate virtual boreholes and explore the subsurface of your site. --Measure bedrock level and identify geotechnical issues. -- Start understanding project risk. Create sections of your site. Draw your cut line on the map. --Create beautifully presented 2D sections. --Edit and control the data being presented. --Download as a PDF and DXF.

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