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The station building is an organic shape steel structure consisting of three connected parts. The left and right building portions are formed by curved Vierendeel truss beams extruding from the main Vierendeel truss down to the reinforced concrete foundation. These main trusses are supported by a row of columns with additional vertical bracing. Read more about the project at: https://www.dlubal.com/en/downloads-and-information/references/customer-projects/001190
The goal was to design a spiral staircase with glass steps and railings spanning over 2 floors. With sophisticated anchoring details and helical stringers created from subtle rectangular hollow section, a light and elegant staircase was formed. The interior spiral staircase is located inside of the educational, training and rehabilitation center in the city of Zlín. Read more about the project at: https://www.dlubal.com/en/downloads-and-information/references/customer-projects/001192

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